At just three years old, Brittany was put into dance classes because of her shyness and fear of people. As a child, Brittany always found herself bored, unfulfilled even though she took part in dancing, singing, figure skating, piano playing, and musical theatre. As a dancer, she was known for her power and physical strength, that was not always appreciated in her classical classes. It was only when she found circus that she immediately knew that this is what she wanted to pursue. As a circus artist, she combines her natural strength with grace that she has acquired from 19 years of dance. Brittany has participated in festivals, shows, and corporate events across Canada in different disciplines such as aerial hoop, silks, hair hanging and rope. 


Brittany started her career at the Vancouver Circus school at the age of 16, touched a rope for the first time at the age of 18, and was accepted into the National Circus School of Montreal specializing in aerial rope only a year later at 19. She is currently in her third, and final year, and will be graduating in June of 2019. 

Brittany Gee-Moore

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